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A great online database tool!

Airtable ( is a great online database. It is very easy to learn because it looks very similar to spreadsheets. But the possibilities are far more:

  • In each table, you can use 26 data types (Excel and Google sheets have 4 types only)
  • You can create as many views of the data as you want
  • Simplify data-entry through great forms
  • Airtable can be used in Webflow and WordPress, and can be coupled to 1000’s of popular Apps and websites through Zapier.
  • Use automation to perform smart tasks by itself. Automate your workflow.

It is free to try, and you are somewhat limited (1200 records per base, 2GB of attachments). The next (Pro) level starts at $10 a month (yearly billing) or $12 a month (monthly billing).

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