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Connection Strings

Listing of many types of connections strings to databases using several driver types. Tip from the YouTube clip “Everything You Wanted to Know About ODMC”. For instance for remote Firebird server using standard port:… Read More »Connection Strings

Camunda BPM

Looking for an affordable (free) way to create Business Process Management models? Try the Open Source Desktop modeler by Camunda! I was learning BPMN 2.0 by following the free Udemy course “Practical Business Process Management… Read More »Camunda BPM

Coolors color schemes

  • Tools, Web

The Coolors website helps you pick color schemes for your website or web-App. You can either: Explore trending palettes or Make a palette of your own

CSS Fonts

  • Tools, Web

CSS Font Stack “A complete collection of web safe CSS font stacks.” Says Dan from Dan’s Tools Usefull overview what fonts are available on Windows and Mac systems. Web-Fonts When you want to be… Read More »CSS Fonts

Node.js: Install

  • Tools

Node.js org offers a complete install package at . The install is a complete developer’s package that sets you up with a complete set of tools you need to develop and build Node.js apps.… Read More »Node.js: Install

m1m0 learn to code

  • Tools

An article in Computer Totaal mentioned this App. It is said to be a kind of game to learn programming bit by bit. By solving puzzles you gain points, thus rewarded for learning. The App… Read More »m1m0 learn to code

FTP: FileZilla

The free FTP solution FileZilla has been around for quite a while now. It’s an unbeatable combination: it does what it should, and it’s free! Thanks sponsors! I’ve visited your pages 😉

Ninite installer

  • Tools

With Ninite you select a bunch of applications to install on your Windows platform, and it creates your personal installer that installs all the most recent releases of your selected software. Very frequent updates, almost… Read More »Ninite installer

Eclipse IDE

  • Tools

A very advanced platform suitable for various forms of development.