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Configuring webpages for Apple

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Documentation what definitions you need in your HTML code to best integrate into Apple devices. Configuring Web Applications ( For example, the two I think I will use most:


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Josh Buchea created a comprehensive list of all possible elements to be used in the <HEAD> section of any webpage. For example useful to check what META tags are needed so an iOS desktop link… Read More »HTML HEAD guide

Test IBAN numbers

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Free webservice to test if your IBAN number is a valid one. Easy to use. openiban – Free and Public IBAN Validation and Calculation Webservice Just open the url, passing the IBAN number to be… Read More »Test IBAN numbers

Handige websites

Aan de hand van een Youtube video gemaakt door TechGumbo (video onderaan deze post). Ik heb sommige weggelaten (Amazon prijs watchers bijvoorbeeld), maar ook andere die ik tegenkwam toegevoegd ( bijvoorbeeld). is a free online service that enables you to visit websites at your own scheduled moments. Cron is a command line utility on Unix type systems to schedule jobs. Word is that it originates… Read More »