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Camunda BPM

Looking for an affordable (free) way to create Business Process Management models? Try the Open Source Desktop modeler by Camunda!

I was learning BPMN 2.0 by following the free Udemy course “Practical Business Process Management Notation (BPMN 2.0)”.

To be able to learn by practicing what you learn, the author (Sergey Chekriy) advised the free Camunda modeler.

Camunda is an excellent tool to model using BPMN 2.0. It can be downloaded (portable program: no installation required), and there even is an online modeler you can use. But Camunda is also used to create a complete BPMS (Business Process Management System) enabling you to automate and monitor processes, and even improve and optimize on them.

They even built their tutorial using BPM modeling. Take a look at the way to automate steps.

There is reference to more interesting software:

  • JHipster (Java Hipster) is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures.
  • JDL-Studio is an online schema designer/ data modeler. JDL = JHipster Domain Language.
  • JHipster Online seems to be a complete online creator for applications without the need to install anything.

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