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Outgoing port tester:

I needed to test whether some ports were enabled or blocked. This tool/ service is great: It simply accepts any port request and tells you if it succeeded. From the PortQuiz page:

This server listens on all TCP ports, allowing you to test any outbound TCP port.

You have reached this page on port 80.
Your network allows you to use this port. (Assuming that your network is not doing advanced traffic filtering.)

Network service: http
Your outgoing IP:

Test a port using a command

$ telnet 80 
Trying ...
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
$ nc -v 80 
Connection to 80 port [tcp/daytime] succeeded!
$ curl 
Port 80 test successful!
Your IP:
$ wget -qO- 
Port 80 test successful!
Your IP:
# For Windows PowerShell users
PS C:\> Test-NetConnection -InformationLevel detailed -ComputerName -Port 80

Test a port using your browser

In your browser address bar:

Access Outgoing Port Tester

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