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Streaming audio to PC through Bluetooth

Stream your smartphones audio through your PC connected audio using a Bluetooth connection and an App.

Listening to the Dutch Grandprix Radio has been prohibited to Dutch listeners by the F1 organization. Therefore we have to resort to a VPN to think my mobile is in Belgium. That way, we can still listen to the great comments of Olav Mol and Jack Plooij.

But although my iPhone has good sound, it is not as full and loud as my PC setup (subwoofer 2.1 set). So I thought to myself: Why not stream through Bluetooth to the PC? Well, that’s not as easy as we would have liked. In it’s wisdom, sometime ago, Microsoft has deleted the Audio sink function (BT A2DP sink) from Windows. There are multiple articles on the web showing incorrect and outdated solutions. The one that worked for me:

Install the Bluetooth Audio Receiver App from the Windows App store

You still have to connect your phone to your PC using Bluetooth, but that part was rather straightforward. After that, there is no way to enable the PC to be an audio streamer for your phone. So install the aforementioned App. Start the App, and be in Awe of this real minimalistic interface. Although it does exactly what I wanted: Stream the iPhone’s audio through Bluetooth. There are just 2 options: Open connection and close connection. You get what that means:

Simple App dialog

Now I have GrandPrix radio on my PC audio where F1 TV is shown.

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