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Easily create an API with just 3 variables: Give your API a title Copy the Airtable account API key (from Copy the base App id (from And you’re done! You have an API… Read More »NoCodeAPI


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A great online database tool! Airtable ( is a great online database. It is very easy to learn because it looks very similar to spreadsheets. But the possibilities are far more: In each table, you… Read More »Airtable

Taste WordPress

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Taste WordPress is a website where you can (freely) try-out WordPress! Things the website says it’s suitable (good) for: Starting with WordPress (and migrate to a production website) Play with WordPress, try-out new themes et… Read More »Taste WordPress

CSS reset

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In my Web Developer Bootcamp 2021 course I follow on Udemy, this CSS reset code by Eric A. Meyer was used. It is meant to give your CSS styling a common starting ground, preventing each… Read More »CSS reset

API key generator

Service webpage to get an auto random generated API key. Redone the interface adding my Avatar, giving credits and generating the copyright year:


VT98 Wikipedia over de DB-Baureihe VT 98 (Duits) Algemene websites N Project Modelspoor startpagina Benelux spoor (forum) Selectrix zelfbouw door Uwe Magnus 1zu160 Poldersporen (NL geschiedenis Beemster eo) Techniek Model train circuits (verzameling… Read More »Hyperlinks